Friday, November 27, 2015

NaBloPoMo #27: Friday Links

*Friday links are a selection of some of my favorite posts, recipes, articles, and photos from this week.

  • Yesterday we had Thanksgiving dinner at the Washington Duke Inn (our annual tradition) and as usual it was amazing. Here are a few photos:

View as we walked down the hall to the banquet room:

Line to get it in - it moved quickly.

Yummy food:


Standing near the pie table:

  • Yesterday afternoon we watched the Carolina Panthers beat the Dallas Cowboys, so the hype surrounding their undefeated season continues.  Here is a funny video of the quarterback Cam Newton mic'ed up.
  • My husband read this entire book yesterday! I got it from the library and was 3/4 through it, when he borrowed it. Since it read it so quickly, I didn't mind.

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