Thursday, April 6, 2017

Currently {April}

Reading: The latest mystery from Susan Wittig Albert. #25 in her series!

Watching: I recently started watching some of the "Chicago" series. So far I'm hooked on Chicago PD and Chicago Justice

Anticipating: A trip to the beach with our church the weekend after Easter.

Knitting: I just finished a shawl that was on the needles for a year! Photos soon. I bought a beautiful skein of pink yarn at the Carolina Fiber Fest a couple of weekends ago. I decided to make Therapy, so bought Miss Babs Kaweah in Oyster (light gray) and Pewter (dark gray) to go with it.

Celebrating: A NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP! The Heels won their sixth national championship on Monday and it was so, so sweet!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Currently {March}

Reading: One of my favorite British authors is Erica James and I picked up her one of her books via the Interlibrary loan program. It's always fun to see where books come from! I also just started a book about a choir that despite being told by the vicar to disband during WWII, they started their own choir. The story is told through journal entries and letters.

Anticipating: Celebrating my husband's birthday this weekend! If the weather is nice, we are going to walk around a trail near Duke, then go out to eat.

Celebrating: 5 years of marriage!

Loving: March Madness!

Sewing: I bought a couple of fat quarter packs a couple of months ago when my LQS closed. Spring always makes me feel like sewing, so I thought I would make a couple of drawstring project bags.

Friday, February 17, 2017

Currently {February}

One of these days I will actually post on the 1st...

Reading:  Another Nevada Barr, the latest by Sarah Jio, one of my favorite authors. I also just started a book put I on hold at our library ~4 months ago. The Dollhouse Fiona Davis's debut novel delves into both the present day and a bygone era at the famed Barbizon in New York City.

Anticipating:  Celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary tomorrow. We're having brunch at the Washington Duke Inn, which is where we went after we got married.

Loving:  Being able to meet up with my family in Greensboro to see the Ringling Bros Circus before it ends.

Knitting:  Making progress on my Torquata: 2 colors down!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Currently {January}

Reading: My annual rereading of Winter Solstice, the latest Charles Finch and a book for a book club.

Watching: The sanctuary of our church is being renovated. The front, back and roof are staying while the sides are torn down, then widened. The roof is held up by support scaffolding. It's fascinating to see the progress each week!

Enjoying: Carolina basketball! A friend gave us tickets to the UNC vs FSU (#11 vs #9) game and we had a blast. The game was exciting, fun, and the Heels came out on top. The crowd went crazy after a huge dunk by Theo Pinson.

Knitting: During the Snow/Icemaggedon, during which we were iced in for 4 days, I worked on my Torquata Wrap and Rivers Wrap.

Monday, December 19, 2016

Belatedly {December}

Reading: I'm continuing the Bill Slider series by Cynthia Harrod-Eagles (I'm up to #9) and I'm rereading the Harry Potter series. 

I'm also participating in my library's Winter Book Bingo:

Watching: The Great American Baking Show!  I miss Sue and Mel, but it's fun to see Mary Berry and all the bakers.

Anticipating: Seeing my family at Christmas!

Knitting: I changed my mind about the GG cowl and decided to knit Rivers Wrap instead. I didn't like the look of the orange and green together,

so a friend suggested I replace Paprika with Old Gold. I'll see how it looks then report back.

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Currently {November}

Reading: When I was in high school I plowed through books by Mary Stewart, Phyllis A. Whitney and Victoria Holt. I got out an old favorite to re-read over the holiday weekend.

To balance that, I'm reading a mystery about a British forensic anthropologist.

Knitting: I started a couple of smaller projects because my FIL recently moved here and is a skilled nursing facility, so I needed something a little more portable. 

A cowl with some beautiful yarn I received in a Ravelry Swap:

And a scarf:

And I'm joining in a Gilmore Girls MKAL cowl/scarf. Since the kit was already sold out, I ordered Miss Babs yarn Heartland in Dusk, Paprika, Moss and Chocolate:

Anticipating: Reading, knitting, eating and relaxing over the holiday weekend!

Watching:  The Crown on Netflix

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Currently {October}

Reading: Missing, Presumed by Susie Steiner. I came across this book in one of the mystery newsletters I get and so far it's really good! It's about a graduate student at Cambridge University who has been missing from her home for almost 24 hours. Her home offers few clues - a smattering of blood, front door ajar but no sign of forced entry, phone and keys are left behind. The main character is a member of the Cambridgeshire police force and knows the case could make her career.

I'm also reading a book by another British author Jenny Colgan:  The Little Shop of Happily Ever After (UK title) /The Bookshop Around the Corner (US title). It's about a woman, who after getting let go from the library because it closed, decides to buy a van in Scotland and transform it into a mobile bookshop.

Knitting: I have ~6 more rows on Edison - SO close! I hope to finish it this weekend.

And I have ~30 more rows on Apsara.

Anticipating: A trip to Ridgecrest, NC October 7th - 9th for a Marriage Retreat.

Watching: New Fall shows! I haven't decided if I like any of the new ones enough yet to watch all season, but a couple look promising.

Sewing: Adding sashing to the blocks