Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ten on Tuesday: Patterns I could Knit Again

I've been reading Carole's Ten on Tuesday posts for a long time but have never participated. In an attempt to start blogging on a more regular basis again, I decided to join in and today was a good time to start as knitting is the topic! She asked us to list 10 patterns that we could knit again.

1. Umbilical Cord Hat: this pattern works great with most any yarn and is my go-to pattern for a new baby.

2. Snowflake Hats: my first attempt at fair aisle.

3. Shawl That Jazz: this shawl took forever to knit (mostly because I abandoned it for other projects) but I wear it frequently and get lots of compliments about it.

4. Sunday Sweater: I made this for my niece and it's a GREAT pattern. Very well written with lots of size options.

5. Tulip Sweater: I've made several of these and they always get lots of compliments.

6. Occhielli Cowl: I made this with yarn I got in a swap and it was an easy, fun knit.

7. Central Park Hoodie: I made this without the hood and it's the perfect sweater for a really cold day.

8. Dark and Stormy Sweater: another project that took longer than it should have. It's a great pattern.

9. Winter Hiking Hat: another project I made with swap yarn.

10. Simple Summer Tweed Top Down V Neck: this sweater went through several incarnations but I'm really happy with the finished product.