Saturday, November 21, 2015

NaBloPoMo #21: Potpourri

As the holidays approach, it feels hard to get settled since the thoughts of all the things I need to do keep running around in my brain.
Here are some random thoughts that have been running around my head today:
Baking: I'm making cornbread fritter casserole for a work party next week. I need to figure out if should make it the night before or get up early the day of the party.
Cooking: We go out to eat for Thanksgiving day, but I do like to cook a small turkey breast and a few sides for my husband and I to munch on during the rest of the weekend. I'm also making some treats as gifts so need to get those made too.
Work: I need to get all of my experiments to a stopping point before the break. I have a rough idea, but sometimes cells don't always do what you think they will do and adjustments may be needed.
Birthday: My birthday is tomorrow and since it's so close to Thanksgiving (some years it's the same day) it's hard to decide where or how to celebrate. I finally decided Sunday brunch at the Washington Duke Inn would be fun and something we've not done before.
Knitting: I need to work on a Christmas gift, seam a sweater and would like to work on my shawl.
Reading: I just finished a really good book so it's been hard for me to switch gears, but I did start this one today. Interesting they both have to do with water!

Christmas cards: We need to get our photo cards ordered so we worked on those this morning.

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