Tuesday, November 17, 2015

NaBloPoMo #17: Ten on Tuesday

Joining Carole for Ten on Tuesday: 10 Places You Hang Out

1. My recliner - my husband calls it my command center. It's where I sit and read, knit, watch tv etc.

2. My bed - it's hard to see but off to the left is a TV in our closet. I like to curl up on my side and watch it before I go to sleep. My husband calls it "sideways TV".

3. My desk at work

4. My church

5. The pool - most Monday, Wednesday and Fridays at noon until ~1:15 this is where you'll find me, in the second lane from the right. I am a part of a masters team (USMS.org)

6. The gym - Tuesday and Thursday and sometimes Friday mornings I do strength training

7. The library - I used to use the bookmobile (which I loved!) but sadly the bookmobile died so until they replaced it, the wonderful librarian kept it going first using a library van then her own car. She retired in late August just as the new bookmobile finally came in, but the current administration didn't see our stop as a priority (well duh, with no bookmobile for nearly 3 years the number of patrons using it declined) so it's been eliminated. I love to read so I use the branch closest to our house, but I still miss my wonderful bookmobile librarian.

8. Choir loft - I joined our church choir this year (my husband was already in it) and we our getting ready for our Christmas musical on Dec 13th. We are singing the entire musical from memory (the words will be on the screen) but even so I am starting to get a bit nervous.

9. Walking trails near our house

10. the internet, specifically Ravelry


  1. I like how your hangouts are varied and include both home and away. Our library's bookmobile situation is much the same and it is sad; I have many happy childhood bookmobile memories. Enjoy hanging out in the command center!

  2. I love the choir at church and desperately wish I could sing. Command Center is a great description for the chair!

  3. I hear you on the choir practicing - my church has a Christmas Concert coming up too! Although, we can have the music, so I think ours will not be the challenge yours will be! Good luck!!

  4. It is very cool that your town has a bookmobile