Tuesday, May 31, 2016

My Life in Pictures - Week 21

Last weekend we drove to Marion, NC to celebrate my FIL's 90th birthday! Then we drove over the mountains to visit my parents and sister in Glade Spring, Va (near Abingdon). It was a lot of driving but good to see our families.

Knitting on the way to Marion

Twisty mountain roads

Fog in my parent's backyard

A cute bridge on a trail around the rec center where my niece had a tennis lesson

Learning to serve

My sister's family has a new puppy Lovey - a Coton le Tulear

On the way home!

My Life in Pictures - Week 20

Walking around the lake in a neighborhood near us. It was fun until it started pouring...

We came across the cutest Little Free library!

Knitting on Apsara

My sweet K/1st Sunday School class made centerpieces for Duke Children's Hospital Fundraiser. After it's over, the centerpieces will be given to the children in the hospital.

More construction in our locker room, but at least we have benches now. 

My Life in Pictures - Week 19

My husband made us pseudo mint juleps during the Kentucky Derby.

My boss was on the video board at work!

My car wouldn't start one day after work, so my husband came over but he wasn't able to jump it. After waited for the tow truck, we stopped for a yummy dinner at the Carolina Cafe.

My Life in Pictures - Week 18

Met up with some Ravelry friends for lunch and knitting!

Wearing my latest F.O.

Two new shawls on the needles: Ediston

Gloomy day + traffic one morning

My Life in Pictures - Week 17

Catching up again….

Going for a walk on the beautiful trails in our neighborhood

Walked into the pool for practice one day and found...

a wall. Behind it used to be a largish room where we could change. Unbeknownst to use, basketball is renovating their locker rooms so they took a chunk out of ours. Such is the life at a college pool with a VERY successful basketball program. It was a bit of a shock at first, but there is still plenty of room to change.

Until they'd cleaned up the mess, my friend let me use the varsity locker room.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Summer 2016 Bucket List

         1. Buy a car. Not fun but necessary.

         2. Read 25 books for Summer Book Bingo.

         3. Participate in the library's summer reading programs.

         4. Go to the local farmer's market.

         5. Work on photo books and the scrapbook from wedding.

         6. Take a road trip with my husband.

         7. Play a board or card game with my husband.

         8. Do something kind for someone else every week.

         9. Work on a quilt.

       10. Finish 2 shawls that are on the needles.

       11. Watch fireworks.

       12. Take time to rest.

       13. Eat outside at least once.

       14. Get together with Ravelry friends.

       15. Try a new walking trail.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Currently {May}

Reading:  I just finished the latest Laurie King novel in her Sherlock Holmes series The Murder of Mary Russell. The title is quite enticing as Mary Russell is one of the main characters! No spoilers but I will say it was a great book.

I'm also reading a biography about the amazing Maggie Smith.

Watching: A previous season of The Great British Baking show.

Knitting: Edison in the MadTosh DK pink and brown colorways and Apsara in MadTosh Winter Wheat and Malabrigo Rios in Indiecita.

Anticipating: Visiting my FIL later this month for his 90th birthday! And my family when I'll get to meet the latest addition to my sister's family. This adorable puppy named Lovey. She's a coton le tulear.