Monday, August 15, 2011

Summer of U.F.O: Finished Object #3

My boyfriend's manager got married last May, so he thought it would be fun to make them a grocery sack holder, using fabrics representing each of their interests, as a wedding present. Of course, I ended up making it but he did help and did a great job choosing the fabrics. I thought it would be really hard to find fabrics that matched their interests, but my local quilt store had a fabulous selection.

Her likes: Boston Red Sox, cooking, Eric Carle books [The Hungry Caterpillar], and purple

His likes: NY Yankees (and yes he did wonder how they made it past date #1!) and space.

Here are the fabrics sewn together:

And the finished bag:

Summer of U.F.O: Finished Object #2

For some unknown reason for ~8 years all this quilt needed was the binding hand stitched down on the back. I finished it up on Saturday! This quilt was going to be for a friend's baby, but I realized (actually it was my mom that noticed) that it matched the colors in my house so I decided to keep it. I did make a blue and white double irish chain quilt for her son and he's now in 3rd? grade but was ~6 months old when I finished it. This quilt is likely going to be a wall hanging. Hopefully it won't take 8 more years to get that done.