Saturday, January 29, 2011

Problem Child

This sweater was supposed to be my easy/winter project but it's been anything but. After I started and frogged two different cardigan patterns, I called my mom (which I clearly should have done to begin with) to get her thoughts on what to make and she suggested a pullover because this yarn tends to stretch after blocking.

I found a simple V-neck pullover pattern in a Patons book and I thought I'd add the Peasy lace pattern to it to dress it up a bit, if it's not too hard but the at the rate this project is going I have my doubts. At last I thought I have a plan so I swatched and I knit the ribbing only I really don't like it. It looks too loosey-goosey so I've decided it frog it and go down a needle size. By the time I get this thing going it will be spring and I'll be in the mood for spring colored yarn. . .

And ironically my Dark and Stormy sweater, which requires more concentration, is going along smoothly:

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  1. D&S looks amazing!! Wow, I love the color. It's such fun to knit, isn't it?