Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Nearly FO: Peasy

All I have to do is sew on the buttons hooray! I will post pictures of me wearing it after that's done unless it looks horrid on me then I may not. . . It was cloudy this morning when I took these so the pictures are a little dark. The picture of the sleeve in my previous post is a more accurate picture of the true color.


  1. It looks gorgeous! I can't wait to see it on you, and in better light. I'm inspired to hunker down and finish the 2nd sleeve on my D&S. If only there were more hours in the day....

    p.s. and yeah, it takes several steps to leave a comment here. try it and see! it's ok, of course, i'll leave comments and happily, but wanted you to know, since you asked. :)

  2. I took out the word verification step so that should help!