Tuesday, January 4, 2011

F.O. February Little Lady Sweater

Three posts in one day - it's amazing how much I got done when I didn't have to go to work!

Here are some pictures of my niece wearing her new sweater and close-ups of the buttons I chose for it. My nieces LOVES blue so I tried to find blue buttons for it but none really matched. When she found that they were purple she was less than pleased but my oh-so-smart- brother-in-law quickly jumped in and told her that "purple is the friend of blue". I'm not sure she was convinced but hopefully she'll still wear it. . .


  1. OH, that is the sweetest thing ever. She's adorable, obviously, but so cute in her beautiful sweater. I love the picture of y'all hugging. :)

  2. hey! that was such an easy comment to do - only one step! :)