Monday, January 24, 2011

F.O. Sampler Quilt

Some quilt projects (like the blue and white triple irish chain quilt) go together easily and quickly. This one did not. It was the quilt with issues. I bought the pattern at Tennessee Quilts 2 1/2 years ago and glanced at the size and thought "oh that's close to a double bed size". It was not. Thankfully before I added the borders I laid it out on my bed to check the size and discovered it was several inches short on the sides. After racking my brain for a while as to how to fix it, I called my mom in a panic - what to do??? Add more blocks? Another border? In about 2 seconds she came up with idea of adding the half square triangle border and whew problem solved! She is SO good at that it's unreal. Note to self: next time just call her right away.

This quilt top also had several more trials along the way: blocks sewn together in the wrong order, borders sewn to the wrong side, etc. But at last it's done and out of my house and is now at my fabulous machine quilter's house! The back will be a flannel that's very similar to the outer border and the batting will be wool, which I've never used before so am anxious to see what it's like. Margaret is going to custom quilt each block to match the block pattern. It's going to be gorgeous and warm!

People at quilt shows always seem to come up with really clever names for their quilts, but all I've come up with so far is The Pink and Brown Sampler Quilt which is really lame. Maybe by the time I get it back from Margaret I'll have come up with something else. . . I'm also open to suggestions. . .

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