Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Good news and bad news

First the bad:

I had 3.5 inches of Alexandria done but now I have this much. . . .

The pattern near the bands was looking really strange so after much pondering and comparing the chart and instructions, I figured out that when I made a short-cut cheat sheet for the section I was doing I somehow copied the instructions for the section done in the round not flat. Der.

Last night I laid it out flat on my DR table and slowly and painfully ripped out 2 inches (sob!) then stopped 1 row above where I wanted to re-start. The next row I carefully un-knit 217 sts onto smaller needles. By some miracle I ended up with the same # of sts that I started with so I am good to go. . . . yet again. I called to tell my mom (also a knitter) my sad story and how stupid I felt and she said "well patterns are tricky". That made me feel better so thanks Mom :)

Now the good:

Error-free progress has been made on my niece's February Little Lady Sweater!

I'll see her next week so I can do a size check and if she's grown out of it just shoot me now.


  1. stomach just sank for you. When you finish Alexandria, you're going to feel like such a champion! And rightly so. And hallelujah for moms who know just the right thing to say. :)

  2. Thanks Lori!

    I did a couple of rows last night and it's amazing how much better the design looks when you're following the right set of instructions!
    Part of me is relieved though because I was not liking the sweater and that's a bad feeling 3 inches in...