Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Packing, Peasy, and Pickles


I leave for Scotland in 2 weeks so this past weekend I began gathering clothes, rain gear, etc!
I know some people can pack in a matter of minutes but I'm not one of those people. I'd end up leaving out something really important like my underwear.


I'd been thinking about what knitting project to take with me (Alexandria and I have had enough adventures already so I thought it might be best to leave her at home) so when I saw LoriNY's Peasy I thought it seemed like a great project to take with me. And a tweed yarn? How perfect!

Given my difficulties in getting projects started correctly I thought I might be a good idea to get it going before I leave. I'm just about to start the lace pattern. The color doesn't show up very well but it's a beautiful blue with flecks of white and black.


This doesn't have anything to do with Scotland. I just felt like making pickles last weekend. I used my mom's Million Dollar Pickle recipe and they turned out great. It was my first time making them or canning anything for that matter so I was a little anxious until my mom pointed out "It's not that hard. You throw everything in together, bring it to a boil then put them in jars". I love how my mom can cut to the chase about a situation.

I let the cucs soak overnight (there is also onion but I forgot to add it until later):

And here they are finished:


  1. all good things in this post!! And alliterative, to boot! Knitting with tweed in Scotland will be splendiferous. :)

  2. OOH! Pickles!! Will you send me the recipe??

    Also, are you going to wear your CPH in Scotland? (hint, hint)

  3. Chris -

    YES will send the recipe and YES I'm taking CPH. It still needs the buttons sewn on pics soon I promise!!!