Saturday, July 10, 2010

location location location

Since I hadn't started my blog back in April when Eskimimi did her Knit and Crochet blog week and location was one of my favorite topics from that week, I thought it might be fun to post pics of where I sit and sew.

Here is my recliner which was given to me by dad as it didn't fit in their house when they moved to Va. When he visits he sits in it :) I love it! It's the most comfortable chair ever and I dread the day I'll have to replace it. Since I eat most ok all of my meals in it, I put a soft fleece on it I picked up at the grocery store of all places. I learned from my mom it's much easier to wash a blanket than a chair.

I keep a basket by my chair and it holds my WIP, patterns, and various knitting tools. The chest with all the drawers was given to my mom by her dad when she was in 7th-8th grade to hold her sewing supplies. She'd just taken home ec and loved it (she taught me to knit and sew). It has funny drawers that don't slide in and out you just stick them back in. Each drawer held spools of thread of a similar color. I've taken over a few of the drawers but the rest I've left as is to remind me of my my mom sewing when she was young.

Here is a picture of my DR table where I sew - I pop the leaf up when I need more room for a big quilt:

My townhouse is built on the side of a hill with a deck off the back. My DR (and kitchen) face a walking trail and I love to watch people walk by as I sew, cook etc. Here are pictures of the view out my DR window:

And the view from my kitchen window (this is also what I see from my recliner):

And a picture taken from my deck:


  1. WOW! SO NEAT! I just love seeing where people make things. Your places look so cozy. I especially love the little chest and the story that goes with that. That's pretty wonderful. Your views outdoors are all so peaceful and gorgeous; I guess you get color in the fall, snow in the water, and green all summer. I love NC, all that luscious green.

  2. I love seeing pics of your house, esp the view -- do you use the walking trail ever? Also that little sewing chest is really great -- what a treasure.

  3. Lori-
    We do get beautiful colors in the fall and some winters we get snow but not nearly as much as you do!

    I do use the walking trail - not very often in the summer but more so in the fall/spring.