Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Lost and Found: Motivation

Due to my excitement to finish CPH and start Alexandria, my enthusiasm to work on my niece's February Little Lady Sweater has waned. Here is what it looked like back in mid-May:

Since I'm heavily modifying the pattern and I was about to visit her in Ga for her 4th b-day I wanted to get it to the point where I divided for the sleeves. I did and thankfully it looks like it will fit perfectly! Phew. She was a trooper and stayed still while she tried it on and I did some measuring. Not easy for an active 4 year old.

Over Memorial Day weekend I divided for the sleeves and did a few rows and it's been sitting untouched since then.

After having to CO for Alexandria 5 times (I'm now up to 1075 sts!), I think I'll take a break for a few days and work on FLL. My sister sent me this picture of my niece yesterday which was just the motivation I needed! Is there anything more precious than a picture of a sleeping child?

She's holding a UNC bear I gave her a couple of years ago in my quest to brainwash I mean convert her into a UNC fan.

And here's a picture of her learning to knit with me taken a few months ago:

I just love her little hands next to mine.

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  1. know i love pictures of hands, especially hands making things, and especially hands making things with other hands. what a lucky little niece!

    your persistence in the face of the alexandria saga is amazing. :)