Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ready for the magic

I finished the blue and white quilt this weekend so it's ready for my wonderful machine quilter Margaret to work her magic on! Here is a link to her blog with pictures of some the quilt's she's quilted. I am always amazed at the designs she comes up with.

But first here are pictures of a quilt she quilted for me last year using variegated thread:

the top pre-quilting

one section post-quilting

the center medallion

and the back which really shows it off.

And here are pictures of the finished blue and white quilt now with borders! And I didn't have a brain freeze when I measured the borders. Since my bed is fairly high off the ground, I wanted the sides long enough so that I could see the cherry side rails but I also didn't want a pillow tuck. In the morning I pull the sheet and quilt up then throw the pillows on top and head out. I think white pillow cases with eyelet trim would look nice with the top.

Click on pictures for a larger view:

on my LR floor

view from the side of the bed - I had to use the flash since it was cloudy.

View at the head of my bed.


  1. So pretty! And your quilter does lovely work, too.

  2. WOW! Both quilts are gorgeous - you're very talented, Laura! I can't wait to see the blue and white one quilted. Do you tell the quilter what kind of design you want, or does she just pick? And bravo to your new header, it's beautiful!

  3. Lori-

    I let Margaret have free reign because she's so amazing. She'll tell me what she thinks will work best and I always agree :) The last blue and white quilt I gave her she told me later she came up with the design while biking through the Rockies!

    Thank you for the compliment on the header! I had fun making it once I figured out what to do :)