Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Work-in-Progress Wednesday: Hemmed In

I had a lot of extra knitting time this week thanks to getting the oil changed, staying home from work because we had to get new hot water heater, and a weekend trip to see my family = car knitting!

1. Something New I finished the body, sewed down the hem and picked up the collar stitches. Based on suggestions by several ravelers, I picked up every stitch instead of 5 stitches per inch like the pattern said which I hope I don't regret. . . I have broad shoulders so  top down sweaters are usually very baggy on me so I added more waist shaping. In retrospect, I should have started the shaping an inch or so earlier because I had to increase back out faster than I would have liked. I tried it on and it seems to fit okay which is all that matters I guess.

2. Adagioro: I started this sweater 2 years ago May 10th! My goal is to get it done before May 10th of this year. . . The name of the pattern, Allegoro, reminded me of the musical tempo term Allegro. Since it's taking me sooo long to get it done, I combined the pattern name with Adagio, which means music that is to be played slowly.  I got quite a bit done in the car and calculated that I have 55 more rounds to go. The sleeves/neckband are only a few rows each so they shouldn't take too long. 

3. Hey Teach: I wove in the ends and sewed the buttons on = a F.O!

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  1. WOW! Three sweaters at once! That's impressive! :-D Your FO looks really wonderful! A short sleeved sweater would be nice for spring. I should probably queue one up. :-D

  2. You are such a busy bee - loving your WIP's, but especially the last FO!

  3. I love your last sweater, the Hey Teach! Very elegant!