Sunday, January 26, 2014

Year of Projects: Catching Up

Dark and Stormy Simple Summer Tweed V Neck     Mork     Color Affection    Husband Sweater    Sunday Sweater     Striped Sweater   Boneyard Shawl 

Even though I am way behind on blogging, I have been making a lot of progress on my projects. I have two finished projects and two more that are very close to being done!

1. Dark and Stormy - done!

2. Simple Summer Tweed V-neck - nearly done!

3. Sunday Sweater - done! This wasn't on my original list, but my sister asked if I'd make my niece (7) a sweater since she'd outgrown the previous one I'd knitted for her. It was a fairly quick knit and the pattern is very well written.

4. Housewarming Quilt


I'm working on the checkered border:

5. After I finish the v neck sweater, I plan to cast on a sweater for my husband using Peace Fleece yarn in Negotiation Grey with Father's Grey along the bottom, neck and cuffs.

Next week I'll post about the project I plan to make for the Ravelry Ravellenic Winter Games.


  1. Oh! That dark and stormy looks magical! Good job on all the projects...

  2. I've just finished knitting a vest top with cables down the back. I love it. I've also just started another vest top in a similar stone colour to your summer top. Great minds think alike!

  3. Oh goodness, that Sunday sweater is just darling. Look at all your gorgeous finishes.

    btw, your quilting progress is quite putting me to shame. I'd better get on it!

  4. Oh, Dark and stormy is lovely, I love the cables on the back and the peace fleece yarn looks heavenly.

  5. Really great job on all projects, I love Sunday sweater and dark and stormy they turned out awesome.

  6. You are SO talented to do all those sweaters. Amazing. I can't see myself ever doing sweaters but I sure admire those that do.
    I remember last time you were making a green sweater for your husband? I really like the yarn you have chosen for the next one. Your knitting is so perfect. I also love the sweater for your niece. I really like your quilt and that is a neat pattern. I have several in the works that I need to finish up and yesterday I looked everywhere in my house for a pattern I was looking forward to sewing/quilting and I can't find it anywhere. I hope it turns up because I have been wanting to do it since before Christmas. Oh well, I have plenty of other projects to work on. Good to see you back here!

  7. Hahaha, it is probably BECAUSE you haven't been blogging about them that you've had time to finish all of those projects! I especially love the Sunday Sweater for your niece!