Thursday, April 25, 2013

Knitting and Crochet Blog Week Day 4: Color Review

Day 4: Color Review

Today we are asked to

1. Think about what colors we favor when yarn and shopping and crafting:

  • I tend to use a lot of blues, pinks and purples in both knitting and quilting.

2. Now look at what colors you have used in your projects and tally those:
  • blue: 4
  • pink: 2
  • purple: 3
  • brown: 3
  • red: 2

3. Look at what colors you have in your stash and tally those:
  • blue: 19 skeins
  • pink: 10 skeins
  • purple: 8 skeins
  • red: 5 skeins
  • coral: 8 skeins
  • white/off-white: 24 skeins
  • green: 10 skeins
  • grey/black: 9 skeins

4. Compare to your house animal:

  • My house animal is a bee and since my colors aren't very bee-like i.e. black/yellow I wasn't sure how to answer this, but then I realized that a lot of my colors are pastels which look like a flower garden where bees reside. 



  1. Aw, I like that, bopping from flower to flower in your stash. You've also got a good variety for flitting!

  2. You have a lovely assortment of yarn:) I think bees like a lovely assortment of flowers so you fit right in.