Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Knitting and Crochet Blog Week Day 2: Mascot Project

A Mascot Project: Today we're asked to think of or research a project that embodies our house/animal and discuss how we decide upon what projects we make. My sweet husband came up with and drew my mascot for me!

He says I'm an octopus because I sit ensconced in my recliner where I have access to several knitting projects, books (yes more than one), coffee and the tv remote. I could knit one like this, this or this hat.

But addressing the second part of the topic, since amigurumi is not something I'd normally knit, how do I choose what I knit?

  • Yarn Harlot: I looked through my finished projects and 6 of my them are projects that the Yarn Harlot also made so she's clearly a source. No surprise there since most everything she makes becomes a huge hit, but I should note that it takes her a LOT less time to finish a project than me.
  • Other blogs: I read several designers blogs (such as Thea Colman and Amy Herzog) and have made or am planning to make several of their designs. It was all I could do to not cast on Lilium this past weekend. Being a bee I get distracted easily, so I am trying to keep the number of UFO on the needles at a time to 2 or 3 . . .

  • Ravelry: I see projects that friends have made or ones posted in forums and those go into my queue.

  • I like to have a mix of projects going where one is a little bit of a challenge, such as a sweater with cables, along with a project that is mindless to work on when I am tired. So far I've mostly made hats and sweaters, but have recently completed one shawl and another is on the needles.



  1. I love your octopus:) I seek out projects much the same way you do. It's so nice to have the inspiration of others to draw on.

  2. pretty octopus ! very interesting to learn how other decide on their projects !