Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Year of Projects: Increasing

Thank you so much to everyone for all of the kind comments about my YoP list! I have really enjoyed seeing what everyone else has planned for the year.

We're only on week #2 and I've already decided to add 2 new projects to my list (my list was originally only WIP):

#8) Hat - pattern tbd

I participated in a swap through Ravelry's Newlyweds group (which was a blast!) and I just got this scrumptious yarn from my swap partner:

It is sooo soft and beautiful and I can't wait to cast on with it! I was going to work on my shawl for the Ravellenic Games but I was fairly sure I wouldn't be able to get it done especially since I'll be out of town for the first week so I have decided that this will my games project instead and if I do finish early I'll work on the shawl too.

#9) Sweater - pattern also tbd

I spent this past weekend in Asheville, NC (blog post about it here) and of course we went to the lys. While there my husband picked out this gorgeous yarn for me so I am itching to cast on with it as well!

Every color of yarn that I wanted to use he pointed out that I either already had a FO or a WIP in that color (and yes I was amazed that he paid that much attention) so he chose this green (called peat) for me because it goes really well with my hair (dark brown) and eyes (hazel):

Despite adding 2 non-WIP to my list, I did make some progress on a few of the projects on my original YoP list, but since I'm already a few days late with my update I'll blog about those next week.


  1. Nothing wrong with adding a few projects :) Beautiful yarn as well!

  2. +1 Nothing wrong at all, especially if you had only 7 before... Can I ask you how have you done the progress bar on the side?

  3. Absolutely nothing wrong with adding new projects and with such beautiful yarn how could you not.

  4. The yarn is gorgeous! I'm always adding and changing projects :)

  5. Husbands are funny things, huh? As I was posting my WIP Wednesday blog this morning he looked over my shoulder and remarked "Really nice brown textures". I nearly fell over. Turns out he's also paying attention in ways I don't expect :)

  6. Oooh, I love your swap yarn! It looks awesome and I can't wait to see what you turn it into.

  7. Beautiful yarn, I bet that's a gorgeous sweater!

  8. Another pretty yarn! I can't wait to see what tbd turns out to be. I just ordered a bunch of yarn as I had not"stash" for my YOP's. I can't wait to get my projects going. One isn't nearly enough I can see! LOL!

  9. That swap yarn is so lovely. I need to join some swaps!