Thursday, June 24, 2010

Listen to the expert

Since all my quilt fabric is packed away due to the paint project and I was itching to sew something (there's something about those long summer days that make me want to sew!) what was I to do but buy more fabric! I've made a couple of blue and white double irish chain quilts for friend's baby boys like this one:

So I had this vision of a similar quilt with big white squares for a light and bright fun summer look. So off I went to my local quilt store and chose my dark blue, medium blue and white. I went up to the owner and asked what she thought. She said it was nice but had I thought of doing a triple irish chain pattern with a floral in the center? I said no and was thinking to myself I really wanted a white look although I do love flowers.

She went over to the blue section and picked up a couple of florals and although still doubtful (why yes I am slow to change) I could see where she was going. She said I should put the white next to the floral as that would really set it off. She added the floral and the transformation was amazing!

I love how this quilt turned out so I am glad I listened to an expert :) Next up is adding the borders.

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  1. WHOA is that a gorgeous quilt!! I agree, the expert was right, that floral center really did make a difference! I'm so hesitant to do things like that, I'll think "oh, I just like the spare, minimal look of the plain color blocks" but really it's just fear and lack of confidence. That is truly beautiful.