Saturday, June 5, 2010

Blocking and a block

Thanks to yarn harlots recent post and advice from skittermagoo my first attempt at blocking sweater parts was relatively easy. I did discover the blocking mat I bought from knitpicks is only big enough to hold the fronts and back so I'll have to block the sleeves another day which actually works out well because I still have 5 more rows left on the 2nd sleeve. I blocked the fronts on top of each other to make sure they come out the same size.

Central-park-no-hoodie fronts and back:

Hopefully the seaming will go as well. I'm still on track to take this sweater with me to Scotland in August although it's hard to think of wearing wool when it's 95 out.

Last weekend I made 32 of these:

The pattern is triple irish chain and the fabric reminds me of blue and white china which I love. I'm working on the blocks that will alternate with this one and I can't wait to see it all laid out!


  1. Hey! This looks fantastic! I'm glad to be the first commenter -

    You don't leave the comment option of URL, so it's a little hard for me to leave a comment. I have to use my Google account, which isn't where my blog is located. I'll sign it here anyway...


  2. I haz an envy (re: Scotland in August).

    Also, even 20-something years later, whenever I see that combination of blue and cream, it makes me think of you and your dorm room at UNM!