Thursday, June 24, 2010

Before and After

My house was built in the mid-80s and had those oh so lovely popcorn ceilings (whoever thought those up should be shot!) so a couple of months ago I had all of it removed and the entire house painted minus the laundry room and closets painted.

After I recovered (mostly) from the upheaval I decided to go ahead and have the closets and laundry room painted and be done with the whole mess. My outstanding painter also does small home repair jobs so was able to fix several annoying issues in my laundry room.

#1) Several years ago I had the house replumbed since it originally had polybutylene pipe (big lawsuit over that kind) and my plumber left this nice hole above my dryer:

#2) It's hard to tell from this picture but a very small and fairly useless cabinet lived over the washer:

#3) A big ugly wooden shelf also lived over the washer and dryer that held the hot water heater until I had it moved under the house. Seemed to me a hot water heater over two electrical appliances was not best idea.... The shelf was narrow over the washer then widened over the dryer making the space above the dryer hard to use.

#4) My washer lid didn't clear the shelf so my dad cut a notch out for me so it at least opened most of the way:

#5) Space where hot water used to live was wasted and needed some improving:

And now after with new shelving and paint:

My washer lid now opens all the way!

I have SO much more storage and the room is so bright and clean. Although the rest of my house is now covered in drywall dust again...but so worth it!

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