Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Currently {February}

Reading: I started a new mystery series set during WWII and while parts of it are a bit far-fetched, it does provide a fairly realistic picture (at least to me) of what it was like for a young woman to live in London during WWII.

Watching: Carolina Basketball of course and the upcoming SuperBowl. Go Panthers! 


Anticipating: Celebrating our 4th Wedding Anniversary on the 18th,  and a trip to Asheville where we'll meet up with my family and tour the Biltmore Estate.

Knitting: I've been working on a poncho for my niece using a Tulip Cardigan Dream in Color kit. She wears ponchos more than sweaters so I just used the yarn to make a poncho:

And a shawl in wintery blues, tans and greys:

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