Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Ten on Tuesday

Joining Carole for Ten on Tuesday: 10 Best Things I Did in November

1. Celebrated my birthday with my husband
2. Had 3 fabulous Thanksgiving dinners - one at work, one we ate out and one I cooked.
3. Started de-cluttering our house. I filled 9 trash bags (tall kitchen sized)!
4. Got a head start on the holidays: Christmas photos cards were ordered, letter was written, labels are printed so we are ready to sign then assemble.
5. Rehearsed for our choir presentation with my husband.
6. Knitted a cute doll sweater for my niece for Christmas.
7. Blogged every day in  November
8. Read a couple of really good books - The Lake House and At The Water's Edge.
9. Did the majority of my Christmas shopping online
10. Made a plan/list for December to make sure I get everything done, which will hopefully help reduce the level of holiday stress.

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