Sunday, September 15, 2013

Year of Projects: Bouquet, Bags and Buttons

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My sweet husband brought me a bouquet of flowers last week and coincidentally they matched the bag I had been sewing! 

I finished the bag this weekend:

I belatedly realized I should have turn the lining fabric the other direction so the words wouldn't be sideways. . .

I signed up to take a class at my local quilt store to make yet another bag but for various reasons, primarily that I didn't find out until last Tuesday that we had to have everything cut out and the interfacing fused on (= over 50 pieces) by tomorrow night, so I'm not going to be able to take the class. I'll just have to make it on my own :)

Here are the fabrics I chose:

I've also been slowly plugging along on the 1 x1 ribbing on my Dark and Stormy. I finished the short rows so now I have to do another 1.5" of ribbing then make the button holes. I thought I should go ahead and get them so I'd know what size holes to make. My sweet husband picked these out. I think he did a great job!


  1. Those are awesome buttons! He did a great job choosing them. You're so clever with all your bags. Wish I had the patience to learn to sew properly :)

  2. Those buttons will be terrific on this cardi. What a great heather in that color way. Very nice how your hubb had bought you flowers.

  3. Great bag and love the matching buttons, go your husband !

  4. Love your bag, and the fabric for the second looks equally lovely :)

  5. I love the bag, and you're right, it definitely matches the lovely bunch of flowers. And dark and stormy is looking great, can't wait to see it finished