Sunday, June 2, 2013

Loving Fabric

Since I recently finished a quilt top, I've been pondering what to work on next! 

I'd started collecting purple and green fabrics for a pattern called Climbing Roses (the background will be white, not beige):

My husband thought it needed an accent color, but we were unsure what it should be. 

I also love the TV series As Time Goes By and have been wanting to make a pinwheel quilt like the one shown in the show, but I hadn't decided on a color scheme for it yet. 

Yesterday was a beautiful spring day, so my husband and I took a day trip to the neighboring town of Fayetteville, NC so I could check out their quilt store Loving Stitches.

The restroom had an old sewing machine in it!

Inside the store:

Here are my purchases:

We decided on a few medium to light blues as the accent color for the Climbing Roses quilt and here are all of the fabrics for it:

We decided that the pinwheel quilt will be blue, yellow and green:

After shopping, we drove to the historic downtown area to walk around and have lunch.

 We ate a cafe and sat out under the blue umbrellas:

One interesting feature of the town is the Old Town Hall which is in the center of the roundabout. It was built on the site of the Old State House which burned in 1831. 

Now I will love stitching all of these fabrics together :)

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