Sunday, June 30, 2013

2nd Year of Projects: Year in Review

While I didn't get everything done on my list and I fell off the blogging bandwagon the last few months, I am pleased with how much I did get done!

Below is the original list (all UFO) with what's been accomplished:


1. Vodka Gimlet: COMPLETED

2. Allegoro: COMPLETED

3. Dark and Stormy: some progress, but not done yet. . .
A year ago:


4. Shawl That Jazz: COMPLETED

5. Perfect Sweater: COMPLETED (although it needs to be seamed):

6. Alexandria: I didn't like the i-cord edge so frogged it. I started remaking it with a seed stitch border:

7. Lanata: decided not to make this

8. not on the list but I did make a hat for the Ravellenic Games:


1 Bali bag; never touched this. . .

2. I Wish I May Quilt: I cut a few strips on this but that was it:

3. I did finish a baby quilt for a friend (except for hand sewing the binding to the back):

Having a list helped keep me focused and I managed to get a lot done. Now on to Year 3!


  1. You got a great amount complete and I'm looking forward to seeing next years list !

  2. It's great how you went for big projects for last year's YOP. And it's so cool how you quilt.

  3. Isn't so cool to see what you did get done?? I really like that. And some projects just might not be for right now. How about taking them off the list and make a new list with projects that fit the "now"!! Now if I can just convince myself to do the same with a certain cross stitch piece.......

  4. Love the hat. Wishing I could invest in knitting needles & a sewing machine to branch out my crafts, you guys are so talented with everything!

  5. I love your jumpers, theyre all gorgeous and it looks like you know how to size them, they fit you so well!

  6. Wow! You do beautiful work and BIG projects! I'm not sure I'll ever do a sweater but maybe if I get North I'll be more inclined. Good to see you's married life? I hope you blog more this year...I missed you when you stopped.

  7. Lovely...all! I agree with Sam, you do lovely work.

  8. I so adore the look of that Bali bag. I hope it gets some love this year!