Wednesday, May 16, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Inevitable

. . .thinking maybe this will block out . . . but knowing it won't. . .

1. Sleeve #1: when I changed from a 9" circular needle to 2 needles (magic loop) my gauge for some unknown reason got a lot smaller 

so I ripped it back:

I now have one finished sleeve!

2. Collar: I picked up too many stitches and started the short rows too low:

so rip went the collar:


3. The bottom 4" of the body: I increased too frequently after the waist shaping so I had this funny pleat that made the sweater flare out weird:

so I ripped back to just below the waist detail which was painful because I'd already sewn down the hem:

Hopefully I can finish this sweater without anymore frogging!!

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  1. Oh dear I hate it when I feel like I am frogging everything, hopefully this will be the end of frogging for you and only smooth sailing/knitting ahead!

  2. I love that you are not giving up. I would have chucked the cardigan against the wall already. Yuor determination will mean this one is gonna be FABULOUS in the end

  3. I agree with Kim. Your persistence will result in a gorgeous sweater. I love how you added the slip stitch detail and hem to the sleeve. I wish that I had modified my Vodka Gimlet like that.