Wednesday, May 9, 2012

WIP Wednesday: Amazing

I got my quilt back from Margaret my machine quilter yesterday and it looks amazing!!! 

Here are a couple of photos she took of it:

You can see a couple more on her blog.

Something Blue: I was hoping to have one completed sleeve by today but I still have a few more inches to go:

I also decided that in addition to having to redo the collar I'm going to redo the bottom of the sweater. I increased out too quickly after the waist shaping (because I added more than the pattern called for) so it flares out weird now. My husband kindly pointed this out when he was helping me measure the sleeve length. This project is starting to feel like a chore so I may take a break after I finish the sleeve and work on something else for a bit, and if I don't my WIP posts will remind you of the movie Goundhog Day. . . 

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