Thursday, May 4, 2017

Currently {May}

Reading: A Front Page Affair by Rhada Vatsal. I found this book at my local library. It takes place in 1915 and is about a journalist who wants to more than cover the society pages. When covering a party, a man is murdered, she realizes this might be her opportunity to make her dreams come true.

I'm also reading a book my mom lent me The Venetian House by Mary Nichson. It's about a recently widowed woman who discovers her marriage is not what she thought it was, so she takes refuge with grandmother on the Isle of Corfu with her 6 year old son. Then a photographer with his own troubles arrives and things start to get really interesting.

Listening: I discovered two of my favorite Tar Heel sports commentators Jones Angell (who does the radio play by play) and Adam Lucas (who writes great articles) started a podcast last fall where they discuss the weekly football and basketball games. While I already know the outcome, it's fun to hear some of the behind the scenes stories. They also interview former coaches and players. It's great to listen to while knitting. They are very entertaining!

Anticipating: Going to see my family in a couple of weeks to celebrate my niece's 11th birthday! It's always really relaxing as they live in a beautiful part of southwest Virginia.

Knitting: I have less than 100 rows on my Torquata. Next month FO photos! I'm planning to start Therapy next:

Reminiscing: A couple of weeks ago we went on a retreat to the beach with our church. On the way down, we stopped for dinner in Wilmington and had our own private (albeit very small) balcony over looking the water.

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