Tuesday, October 19, 2010

As Peasy as Pie

Since I've been back from Scotland I've gotten quite a bit done on Peasy:

It's slowly coming along. . . The body is such a slog I made up a chart based on how much I have left so I can tick off rows as I go so I can see that I am making progress. I'm getting 8 rows/inch and decided I wanted about ~14" post sleeve-divide:

I've done more inch since I took this picture on Saturday!

My coworker told me about this blog so late last week I found a recipe for Buttercup Squash on it. It sounded so good that I made one this weekend sort of. I mistakenly read it as Butternut squash so that's what I bought and I cheated and bought pre-made pie crust. It was so yummy I'm planning to make it again soon with the right squash and make the crust from scratch (maybe).


  1. the body really is a slog. and then all at once it's finished! your peasy is looking great, i can't wait to see it finished! and what the heck is buttercup squash anyway?

  2. Thanks Lori!

    Here's the info from their recipe:
    Buttercup squash is a small, squat, dark green squash looks very similar to a kabocha. The sweet flesh is ideal for a variety of recipes and is interchangeable with its butternut and kabocha cousins.

    Also they linked this site:

    and it says that buttercup squash is much sweeter than other varieties and can replace sweet potatoes in most recipes.

  3. oh! Wow, learn something new every day! You know, when I read your post I went to the website and looked for the recipe and couldn't find it. Then again, I had the flu so maybe the problem was me. :) Thanks for getting the info for me!